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On Mon February 25 2019, by Ieva Apsolone

Your Winter Golf Survival Guide

As soon as we cross over the winter solstice in December, we start to gain anywhere between ninety-seconds and two-minutes of extra daylight per day.

That means one thing…

More time to play golf.

However, with the weather its usual unpredictable self as we head into spring and winter rules likely to stay in effect for another month or so, we thought it a most appropriate time to offer you some winter survival tips to keep your enjoyment of the game remaining at the highest level.


Know Your Rules

In the winter, golf rules are far more flexible.

No doubt you are well aware of golf’s governing bodies the R&A and the USGA’s well documented rule changes which came into effect on the 1st January (if not you can watch a video from the R&A here).

Even though the rules are causing some controversy among Tour players, the fact remains they are in place and abiding by them is a must.

As with the updated regulations, winter rules are also in play as we speak, and it is important you are clued up, so you can legally take advantage when poor conditions can offer relief.

For example, in most cases, you may lift, clean and place your ball within six inches of where it has come to rest (just so long as it is no closer to the hole).

However, do remember that this applies only on ‘closely mown areas.’


Play with a Different Coloured Ball

Some of the biggest brands have brought out an array of different coloured golf balls to add an element of fun that help us keep a sharper eye on our ball flight when launched into the low sun.

Science has played a factor in brands adopting coloured balls, especially yellow, as the colour is proven to be the most visible in the light spectrum.

Adding a hint of green is said to help reduce stress, so, a yellow ball with a shade of green is the way to go this winter to help us de-stress on the course (and we could all do with that from time to time).


Keep a Ball in Your Pocket

There are two reasons why keeping a golf ball in your pocket is a smart thing to do.

Firstly, it can be a hassle digging around your bag in the chilly weather but that is just the minor benefit.

Keeping a ball in your warm pocket has benefits to your game.

If you have ever played squash, you will know that once the ball has been warmed it performs much better and as a golf ball is essentially rubber, the same rule applies.

Colder air is more dense than warm air meaning there is more friction and drag when you tee up cold golf ball thus reducing the balls ability to carry.


Be Realistic and Always Have Fun

Be honest with yourself. In the winter, as we mentioned the ball does not travel as far in the cold as it does in the warm air. Expecting your 7 iron to go 150 yards in temperatures below 10 degrees is unrealistic for the best of us.

Nothing will dampen your spirits more than a winter round where your thinning your shots and experiencing that horrible pain that vibrates through your hand after a shot hit too low on the club face.

By swinging easier and choosing a more realistic club to help you hit the green will leave you standing in good stead for when the spring and summer months are here and the conditions are much more favorable to go for the flag.

Going out expecting to break the course record in the middle of winter might only dampen the spirits and leave you frustrated about your game when the season starts.


Our winter green fees

Our winter green fees still apply until the end of March so what better time than now to try a round and discover one of the South East’s top golf experiences.

For more details or to book your tee time, CLICK HERE

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