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On Mon March 18 2019, by Ieva Apsolone

Hartsbourne Country Club Have The Best Golf Practice Facilities In North London

“The one thing I’ve found out, is that the more I practice the luckier I get”

The famous anecdote told by Gary Player about fellow golfer Jerry Barber has become one of the most famous quips ever spoken about the game of golf.

However, never has a truer word been spoken and if you find you have hit a plateau in your game, or fancy trying a new swing, or just need some much-needed practice, then it really is time to get out on the range.

Especially now, as we have made a raft of improvements to our golf practice facilities at Hartsbourne Country Club in Bushey, North London.

Our facilities at Hartsbourne have always been first class, with a 6 bay driving range, 5 practice nets, great chipping greens and a supersize putting green - golfers couldn’t want for more.

But we wanted to make improvements for 2019.  

So, we’ve now laid a fantastic, brand new, 8 bay grass driving range to add to the covered 3 bay range and we’ve improved it even further by installing netting, so even the wildest of wayward shots couldn’t reach the golf course.

We also have a brand-new state of the art indoor teaching lab enabling our pros to really help get into the crux of your game and show you ways to start getting shots back on the course.

When you add all this together you will see Hartsbourne Country Club really has all the first-class and best golf facilities you need to take your game to the next level.

So, now you have had the verbal tour of the new practice facilities, it is time for action, but what should you be doing in order to maximize your time on the practice range?


It’s not all about the Driver!

How many times have you popped down to the range with X amount of balls, pulled out the driver and swept them all away within ten minutes and realised that you have learnt absolutely nothing you didn’t already know about your game.

Sounds like that is not the best use of your time.

Instead, why not try starting small, say a sand wedge and hit 20 balls of varying distance to specific targets.

Focus and visualize on what you are trying to achieve with each shot and you will soon pick up tips about your game you otherwise would not have learned.

After the first 20-balls, start moving through some of your clubs with the Sand Wedge, 9-Iron, 7-Iron, 5-Iron, 3-Wood, Driver combination enabling you to try an array of shots from front to end of your bag.

Pressure Putt

Three-putting is the bane of our lives and yet we all do it a little too regularly for our liking. As the putter is the club that sees more action than any other club in our bag, it would make complete sense to spend twice as long on the putting green as we do on the range.

However, a majority of golfers simply don’t do it or sink a few putts aimlessly despite the importance of putting.


It’s a lot more fun ripping off a drive on the range than it is putting on the practice green (even though it is remarkably satisfying sinking a putt outside of five feet when out on the course).

Why not try a drill to enhance the fun and help master the all-important distance control?

Take five balls, stand three feet away and if you drain 4/5 of them, move a foot back and keep repeating until you cannot go any further.

This is a great way to develop consistency in your strokes and give you confidence when faced with those short to medium putts.

Practice is so important to the game of golf, so you may as well take advantage of our stunning facilities to improve your ‘luck’ on the course.

Hartsbourne Country Club really has all the first-class and best golf facilities in North London that you need to take your game to the next level.

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“Played this course for the first time last week, didn’t even know it was there and have lived in the area for years! 27 holes, really well kept course, proper challenge and really beautiful club house too. will def be coming back this summer.”

“Hartsbourne is an excellent golf course with superb facilities, all the staff are very friendly and I highly recommend you pay this hidden gem a visit.”

“From being greeted in the car park on arrival to being served our after dinner coffee and mints all the staff, management and members were friendly, helpful and professional.”

“Fantastic nick, tricky and fast greens, challenging and interesting course. Quiet and peaceful with excellent facilities and friendly staff. A real gem.”

“From the moment we were met in the car park to the sad goodbyes at the end of a great day all of the staff at Hartsbourne made our day and golf play most welcoming. Thank you very much.” SGS Golf Society

“We had a very enjoyable day, the course was superb and everyone was very welcoming...”

“The course is good it is in excellent condition and the greens are very tricky so credit to the greenkeepers and staff.”

“However the facilities are something else. great changing rooms, great food, they go out of their way to make it a great experience from beginning to end.”